Bring to help their “towards most other element of that” and you will begin a love world

For people who go after one another Triss and you will Yennefer in one single work with owing to Witcher III–you told Triss you adored her after Now otherwise Never ever, and you may informed Yennefer your liked her pursuing the History Would you like to–you are able to unlock yet another trip named It will require About three so you can Tango that triggers once you done Finally Agreements.

It is value watching the results only at least immediately after, nonetheless it permanently ends your own dating with one another Triss and Yennefer, plus possible opportunity to see either of the endings. You will end up for the unclear bummer off a good finale where Geralt continues his lonely lifestyle since a roaming Witcher.

The rest of the romanceable feamales in Witcher III is you to-big date products and you can top quests. You can follow one otherwise all these liasons, and you can invest as much day as you like regarding brothels from Novigrad and you can Beauclair Vent, as opposed to affecting your experience of Triss or Yennefer.


Once you complete Query an excellent Witch and you will Drifting at nighttime, you’ll receive an invitation to consult with Keira Metz from the this lady household, a great hut northeast from Midcopse. Here, she provides the newest quest An effective Towerful out of Rats.

Done it, and its follow-up Prefer for a pal, and Keira usually receive Geralt more than for lunch. You could potentially opt to feel “family members that have pros” which have Keira following the meal.


Go to the attacking band east away from Harviken and choose right up the latest Iron Maiden top quest, and this need one to fight Jutta an Dimun. If you’ve defeated Olaf already, into the Fists from Frustration additional journey in Skellige, Jutta have a tendency to invest in endeavor you myself.

If you don’t, she will give you take on a haphazard activity so you’re able to confirm you are not just some no body, like defeating Einar otherwise Gundar from inside the Harviken in the an effective fistfight.

After you secure the authority to need Jutta for the, don’t use all of your Witcher tips in the battle, particularly bombs, potions, or signs, or you are able to falter brand new quest at that moment to be unsporting. (You might heap the newest patio by drinking potions so you can buff on your own till the strive, however; Jutta only cares if you take in a concoction when you are attacking her.) You additionally simply have one sample from the doing Metal Maiden; in the event the Jutta beats you, Metal Maiden commonly falter and you will she wouldn’t give you a rematch.

Jutta offers for the after you treat the girl so you can twenty-five% wellness otherwise down. It doesn’t matter how you state whenever she requires you where you learned to fight; you answer the question, she’s going to ask you to satisfy the lady on the girl set just after dusk. Remain in after that 8 PM, and she’ll proposal your.

Madame Sasha

Look at the see board near St. Gregory’s Connection in the Novigrad to start new Large Stakes top journey. To keep they, see the Passiflora and pay step one,100 crowns to go into new gwent tournament here.

The results of one’s event doesn’t matter into the reason for so it quest. Immediately following it finishes, no matter what just who acquired, this new scribe declares that the honor money could have been stolen. Sasha, one of many other people, can give in order to form teams with Geralt to obtain the thief. Commit to help their out.

After the new trip, Sasha tend to receive Geralt so you’re able to dinner. For people who turn this lady off, the latest trip comes to an end at that moment. For many who dine together, you’ve got the most option to love this lady, even though she will not be truth be told there next morning.


The fresh love world which have Syanna is exclusive toward Bloodstream and you may Drink extension to own Witcher III, which is within the Complete Edition.