In their procedure, Redfield and you can Nivans met “Ada Wong”, which they attempted to stop for additional questioning

Up on reuniting that have Jill in the chopper, Chris’ optimism productivity when he decides to keep assaulting to avoid people that would be particularly Wesker, attempting to ruin the world that have bioterrorism.

Edonian Civil Combat

In the 2012, Redfield worked with their lover Piers Nivans to cease the newest J’avo that were given to brand new Edonian Liberation Armed forces, and you can came into contact with Sherry Birkin and you can Jake Mueller.

When you are escorting this lady, she place them in the a pitfall and you will murdered Redfield’s guys by the going for the latest C-trojan regarding a beneficial needle bomb. Chris made an effort to cut their guys, but were unsuccessful and you may are attacked because of the her or him up to he was conserved because of the Nivans regarding the strengthening. Enduring blog post-traumatic amnesia and you will shame, Redfield leftover the BSAA and you can turned into a drunk for the Europe, if you’re Nivans plus the BSAA tried to see him.

Nivans therefore the BSAA managed to track your down from the an excellent regional club, in which Redfield had been not able to recount the fresh Edonia czech dating sites uk event. When he watched the new logo of BSAA, the guy relented and you may returned to energetic responsibility inside the Lanshiang.

Lanshiang Experience

For the Lanshiang, China, Redfield assisted the fresh BSAA in-fighting facing bioterrorist who were carrying United nations players hostage. Shortly after speaing frankly about numerous J’avo, Redfield regained their memories of your events inside the Edonia upon viewing a cluster away from Chrysalids, reminding your out-of Finn. Chris upcoming decided to go after “Ada” to help you avenge their fallen comrades, and in the end satisfied Jake and you can Sherry, who had been kept prisoner of the “Ada”. Nivans do you will need to create Chris see cause, but Redfield denied and you can went on to follow “Ada” whilst mourning over his expose fell partners. Inside a facility, Redfield came across Leon and Helena Harper, who had been just after Derek C. Simmons for his crimes. Just after paying attention to Leon, Redfield returned so you’re able to his sensory faculties and you may pursued “Ada” away from justice, however, she would be sample by the certainly one of Simmons’s henchman.

Redfield and you will Nivans at some point unearthed that there clearly was the regional vessel you to contains C-virus missiles, and were not able to eliminate the latest missile discharge. Leon next called Redfield, asking your so you’re able to cut Jake and you will Sherry from just one out of Neo-Umbrella’s under water establishment in your neighborhood. If you’re going to the facility, Chris discovered that Jake try Albert Wesker’s child, and you can advised Muller associated with and you will advised the fresh mercenary which he had the straight to shoot him. Jake managed to end themselves, convinced that there had been far more one thing on the line, and class were interrupted from the a b.O.W. HAOS. The new bioweapon is made by Carla Radames, who was actually the “Ada” Redfield try searching for, and you will arranged with the with HAOS so you’re able to spread brand new C-virus around the world. Redfield and Nivans struggled HAOS, to your latter having to get a virus to simply help Chris beat the new bioweapon. Nivans then forfeited himself to keep Chris, destroying HAOS along with his electrified case just like the facility erupted. Immediately following are rescued from the BSAA additionally the Lanshiang event, Redfield decided to keep his service towards BSAA to help you prize Nivans and his awesome fell partners.

Dulvey Parish Experience

Up to 2017, the fresh BSAA arrive at work with Bluish Umbrella, a private army company one needed the advice after they read regarding illness for the Dulvey, Louisiana. Umbrella requested Redfield’s assistance to take a look at the Dulvey, in which he unwillingly consented, when he still distrusted the business on account of getting in earlier times tied into Umbrella Enterprise. Blue Umbrella achieved recommendations one to Lucas Baker is dealing with brand new Connectivity, an unlawful business which had been inside fingers of mildew bioweapons. Redfield and his people came into Lucas’ location, the fresh Baker house, and experienced the latest bioweapon “Eveline” assaulting a civilian called Ethan Winter seasons. Chris helped Winters by giving your good handgun laden up with ramrods, allowing him so you can ruin Eveline once and for all. Redfield arrived to the property and you will met Ethan, and you may helped him discover Mia and you can evacuate them about area.