Male customer’s feedback: “I love lace thongs and have worn men’s thongs for years

Male customer’s feedback: “These arer truely a great panty. They are of good construction and are of very good quality. For male wearers look no further; these are the ones. The breathe and give the support we need. Wonderful panty and feels great against the “boys”.

Male customer’s feedback: “Tres confortable. The fabric is very soft, yet feels sturdy enough for a guy to wear all day. The jury is still out on the heat factor, though. The wide waist band is very nice. If just average sized up front, there should be enough room though a snug fit. If these were ‘guy’ briefs they’d cost $24/pair.”

Male customer’s feedback: “Very nice, just like the Hi-Cut briefs, but a bit less room up front for guys. Best to get a size bigger than the Hi-Cuts. Great fabric chatki profiles, that you almost don’t feel at all, which is great. Although, you might actually want to “feel” them a little more.”

My wife loves them too

Male customer’s feedback: “These are perfect and fit well. It keeps my front in center and no slide down in back! I use these as daily wear so they do well in hot environments and material dries quickly. I am a male and I buy my own but wife surprised me with these..she has also bought herself 3 pairs of the same style. This was my first time with this brand and I am impressed.”

Male customer’s feedback: “These are truly wonderful panties for men,very comfortable.not too feminine which I don’t mind at all but we live in a very judgemental world and would be scared if I had an accident and ended up in hospital.I will buying more without a doubt.”

Male customer’s feedback: “I have seen this thong and read the reviews, but only found one guy who has tried a Hanky Panky thong. I decided to try one even though they are very expensive. Well I am happy to say, this thong fits me great. It is very, very comfortable and supportive and feels like I have almost nothing on. Guys you have got to try this thong if you like wearing thongs.”

I never considered trying women’s but I’m pleasantly surprised that they cover and fit as well as any male brand I have tried. It’s somewhat erotic knowing we are both wearing the same color on the same day. “


Male customer’s feedback: “I’m a male who prefers thong underwear, and the Hanky Panky Signature Lace Original Rise Thong has been superior to any men’s thong I’ve found, even though it wasn’t designed for us. The soft, stretchy lace ensures a good fit and much comfort. You can easily forget you’re wearing a thong. Generous front panel accommodates male anatomy. If you’re open-minded enough, give one a try.”

Finding Your Personal Bra Size A bra size is made up of two measurement components: band size (i.e. 34, 36, 38) and cup size (i.e. A, B, C)

Holding the measuring tape gently but firmly, measure around your body directly under your bust. Look in a mirror to assure the tape is parallel to the floor. Note: When you take these measurements, round to the closest whole inch, either up or down. (For example, if your measurement is 29 3/8″, round to 29″. If your measurement is 29 1/2″ or more, round to 30″.)

If the rounded measurement you come up with is an even number, add 4 inches. If the rounded measurement you come up with is an odd number, add 5 inches.