My Little Pony Equestria People: Electronic Collection (12 months 2)

Equestria People: Missing Relationship

From inside the Missing Friendship, Twilight Shine along with her loved ones was members of the new Canterlot Highest Yearbook pub. With the rest of your school, the girl a good thoughts off Sunset Shimmer is actually removed from the Wallflower Blush with the memories brick. Consequently, the girl only memory away from Sundown is when she yelled on the lady into the Friendship Game, and will not remember its friendship. This lady respect to have Sunset gets far worse when Sunset occur to destroys the newest selfie drone she established. Immediately after enjoying Sunset diving facing a-blast from the memory brick intended to remove its memory away from senior high school, she along with her household members explore their geode powers so you’re able to wreck new thoughts brick and you can repair this new school’s memories. They afterwards winnings the fresh “Close friends” yearbook superlative.

Equestria Female: Rollercoaster out-of Relationship

Inside Rollercoaster away from Friendship, Twilight along with her household members visit brand new Equestria Property motif park during the their huge beginning to support Rarity, which got employment there due to the fact a designer. The Rainbooms buy set aside as center point towards park’s white procession because of the Rarity’s company, the newest park’s lead away from pubic interactions Vignette Valencia. Twilight following happens out of having Sundown Shimmer and you may competes within the an effective ring throw video game operate by the Flim and you will Flam. Despite her experience with physics and you may Sunset’s beliefs that the online game try rigged, they waste each of their seats trying from inside the vain so you’re able to winnings the fresh online game, and eventually get off locate ice-cream instead effective. As they plan the brand new concert, Twilight, Pinkie and you may Sundown was teleported for the Vignette’s Equestrian miracle-enchanted phone and are also replaced by the holograms once they contradict Vignette’s work so you’re able to considerably replace the Rainbooms’ photo. Twilight tries to train Applejack to get a virus to Vignette’s cell phone to discharge him or her, but they in the course of time discover that these people were for the an empty white room about park most of the collectively. The girls fool around with the energies to help you damage Vignette’s cellular phone from inside the parade and take its lay as the parade’s headliner. Photographs Unit, the song they do, is actually interspersed having video of them experiencing the park.

Twilight briefly seems within the Reboxing that have Surge!, outraged you to definitely Increase put the woman mastercard to get specific really pricey dogs circumstances. When you look at the Roadway Miracle with Trixie!, she privately facilitate Trixie with her let you know by levitating each of the lady miracle provides to charm the viewers. During the Twilight Under the A-listers, Twilight attends new Canterlot Celestial People Members’ Public in which Timber Liven and you can Pinkie Pie assist her talk to this lady favourite researcher, Rosette Nebula. She tends to make support otherwise slight styles in Agenda Change, Four Superstars, FOMO, I am into the a yacht, Set you back Get away, Festival Filter systems, Festival Appears, Brighten Your Towards, and you can Get it done On Ponygram!.

She is a central interest from the Road Reduced Scheduled, in which this lady agenda for the Starswirled Sounds Event are forgotten and she and you can Increase therefore chooses to pursue various other event patron’s agenda. She even offers you are able to endings within the Inclement Fabric and you will Tip Toppings, helps make records appearance from inside the Wake-Up! and tends to make a supporting physical appearance into the Destroyed and you will Pound. She is stated when you look at the Sock They to me, when Rainbow Dash magic exactly who the woman “most wise pal” was.

Equestria Women: Spring season Breakdown

Into the Springtime Dysfunction, Twilight organizes a cruise trip to have by herself and her nearest and dearest in order to commemorate spring split. When she, Sunset, and you will Rainbow Dashboard get a hold of an additional site to Equestria on the an enthusiastic area in the exact middle of the sea, she knowledge, transforms towards an eyewear-sporting unicorn, and meets her Equestrian princess equal once more.

Equestria Female: Sunset’s Backstage Citation

When you look at the Sunset’s Backstage Violation, Twilight Sparkle attends the newest Starswirled Musical Festival together household members. She actually is unwittingly caught from inside the a period circle and you may repeats one to day for another around three months. During the multiple loops, she facilitate Sundown and Pinkie inside the trying solve the mystery of the time circle, citing it as an excellent “snag about fabric out-of spacetime”. In an afterwards recite, she and her friends is actually kicked out of the festival when Pinkie provokes a security protect. About latest recite following go out cycle is broken, Twilight and her friends spectate PostCrush’s performance because they would which have Sunset and Pinkie.