The only a few openly gay Senshi of your own collection, the relationship is actually cannon in the brand new comic strip and you will manga

As the Japan is much more open in the depicting homosexuality with its children’s news than of numerous regions regarding West, several homosexual dating looked on Sailor Moon collection. It must be noted not every continuities convergence on the this subject, however, and some emails have been exhibited as the gay in one continuity weren’t presented therefore in other people.

Uranus and you may Neptune

These were when you look at the a relationship from their basic appearance and you will had been somewhat truthful regarding it. Haruka flirted along with other female oftentimes (particularly Usagi), and you may Michiru from time to time flirted with people, but they was basically dedicated to one another. They after turned kid Hotaru’s “mama” and you will “papa.”

Celebrity Combatant

Seiya’s love for Usagi in both the brand new anime and you can manga you can expect to get noticed given that upright, but their pure mode are ladies, and his affections appeared equally good as Sailor Superstar Fighter. It has to be also noted one to from the manga, it absolutely was very heavily designed you to Star Combatant (which, as with any the fresh Sailor Starlights, just mix-clothed to disguise by herself due to the fact a boy from the manga) had an unrequited fascination with Little princess Kakyuu; this passion was also, but smaller heavily, designed about comic strip. On Korean dub, Seiya turned a woman inside civil form and his experience of Usagi was created for the a gay matchmaking.

Enthusiast Cannon

Here’s conjecture one of fans regarding you are able to gay/bisexual direction among characters, thanks to situation and you will innuendo, which is usually noted in fan canon.


Ami Mizuno are a “late bloomer” whether or not it found love, ultimately causing some fans to understand the lady matchmaking for the other ladies while the crushes. According to specific partner concepts, Dark Mercury out of Rather Protector Sailor Moon had a keen unrequited smash for the Usagi which means that acted since an effective jilted partner. But not, she performed reveal need for people on the a quicker daily basis compared to most other Internal Senshi, and you may seemed to take care of Nephrite’s peoples form, maybe due to the fact a simultaneous of one’s unknown dating between Ebony Mercury and Nephrite.


Makoto Kino’s incapacity to repay the woman attentions makes specific admirers speculate you to she was at the new pantry. Regarding the anime, she twice blushed fiercely immediately after viewing up Sailor Mercury’s top, but that was the only research revealed. She including did actually possess an intimate crush on the Haruka, on a place when she is familiar with Haruka’s true sex, from inside the event 96, but in basic facts she simply desired to end up being including her (which is, a powerful, separate woman, not at all times a beneficial lesbian). During the Pretty Protector Sailor Moonlight, she at some point dated Motoki and approved his suggestion in the bottom of the Special Act.

Rei Hino try upright on anime, but in Very Guardian Sailor Moonlight, she surely got to feel most close to Minako free turkish dating site uk Aino. Certain fans interpret their link to end up being nearer than just easy friendship. These types of fans speculate your just reason it is not cannon is mainly because new live-step show try intended while the a kids’ tell you, and this this new nuances and you may ambiguities (e.grams. superficial habits, unique zoomed into the images, and so forth, that have been maybe not supposed to be seen by children but because of the their parents enjoying with these people) within relationships because noticed in brand new inform you. Rei was also shown to be alongside Minako regarding manga, but some thing past which is conjecture.

Aluminum Seiren and you may Direct Crow

Sailor Aluminum Seiren and you can Sailor Lead Crow have been found in the cartoon to share with you an effective prickly relationship where Direct Crow are defensive regarding, and you may exasperated by, the new scatterbrained Aluminum Seiren. Particular admirers have taken Direct Crow’s affections for her working spouse since facts for them are people, or evidence of the girl with an unrequited love for Aluminium Seiren. Such admirers plus both point out that you will find the thing is that between this type of letters and you may Zoisite and you will Kunzite – in both cases the shorter knowledgeable of these two try murdered of the their commander inspite of the pleas of the more capable that, of course, if the greater knowledgeable of the two afterwards passed away it called the actual other people’s title.