With no substantial academic research on the topic, we asked our experts how women feel about beards during oral sex

Get Comfortable Before You Start

“Adding a pillow under the hips and butt can make cunnilingus easier for the giver and more pleasurable for the receiver,” says Hall.

Be Sure to Go Slow

“Tease it, make it beg for you to touch the clit,” suggests Vrangalova. “Most clits are different from most penises, they don’t like to be handled much until they get a bit aroused already.”

Hall recommends using the tip of your tongue and lips to tease the inner thighs and along the pelvic bone.

Start With the Hood

“Play with it over the clitoral hood instead,” says Vrangalova. “For many, the clit itself is too sensitive for direct stimulation. See how your partner responds, then try for the clitoris directly.”

Hall suggests you start light with a slow increase in pressure. “Using a flat tongue, slowly lick upward along the opening of the vagina, circling the clitoral hood,” she says.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Some vulva-owners like the licking motions more, some prefer sucking and others enjoy gentle biting or beard rubbing. To figure out which your partner prefers, Vrangalova recommends you experiment with different strokes and listen to your partner’s reactions. When you find a rhythm that works, stay consistent and do not change it too often.

Beware of Beard Burn

“Everyone is different, of course, but I’d say that a beard might be most of a negative issue when it’s a stubble because it can really scratch the vulvar area in an unpleasant way for many people,” suggests Vrangalova. “In those cases, try not to rub or grind your face hard against clit or vulva. Instead, gently rub the beard against the whole genital area.”

“Keep your beard clean and oiled,” adds Hall. If she hates it, place a protective barrier between your beard and your partner’s genitals while pleasuring them. Dental dams offer a good barrier and also help prevent potential STIs.

The Best Tips for Blowjobs

Just as cunnilingus is considered one of the most difficult sexual acts, blowjobs take some serious nuance and consideration in order to consider yourself a professional. Below, you’ll see a few suggestions when giving your partner a blowjob.

Be a Tease

Treat the penis like a clitoris and do some teasing before diving in. Vrangalova recommends kissing and licking the shaft all over, including the balls. Eye contact can be hot, and enthusiasm always is.

Switch It Up

When the penis in your mouth, experiment with different speeds while staying consistent. This is especially important as the orgasm is near.

“The delicate frenulum area (where the head and shaft meet) is often a particularly pleasurable area to have stimulated,” says Hall.

Use Your Hands

Vrangalova says it’s important you incorporate your hands, recommending you stroke the base of his penis and play with his balls – but be gentle! For more, see our guide on testicle stimulation.

Make Your Mouth a Nice Environment

“Don’t use your teeth and wrap your lips over your teeth while sucking,” says Vrangalova, suggesting you keep your mouth wet at all times. “Drink some water, spit on it or use flavored lube.”

Do Some Exploring

“If he’s having a good time, try briefly licking his perineum and see how he responds,” says Vrangalova. “If he likes it, it might be an invitation to incorporate some rimming or a finger in his anus . a lot of guys like this during a blowjob.”

The Best Toys JSwipe for Oral Sex

Though not required, sex toys can enhance an already pleasurable experience. To help you find which are best for oral sex, we asked our experts.